Fill your rental quickly and easily

Take the worry out of renting to roommates to get your rental’s mortgage paid!


We feel your pain

Your high-end rental sits empty - losing money every day

You could fill it with roommates quickly
But renting to traditional roommates sucks!
They churn - more sales hassles

They party - more repairs

They flake - more missed rent

We have the answer...

Introducing Lead Roommate

A trustworthy renter who handles interactions between all the tenants and the landlord of that property.

We rate Lead Roommates so you know who you can trust.
We incentivise roommates so everyone has some skin in the game.
We train lead roommates to help you manage the rental.

Why homeowners love Lead Roommate

Fill homes fast

Less work

Reliable tenants


Subscription fee


per month

or $360 a month if prepaid annually

Our platform helps you:
Advertise your rental to potential lead roommates
Select the best lead roommate for you
Incentivize your roommates

We only charge when we have delivered tenants

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