Homeowners: fill your rental with trusted roommates now and stop loosing money

What is a Lead Roommate?

A trustworthy renter who handles interactions between all the tenants and the landlord of that property.

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Benefits of being a Lead Roommate

Live in luxury

Now you don’t need to be a millionaire to live in an epic flat. You can afford to stay in beautiful homes by sharing it with other roommates. Nice amenities, larger spaces, and great locations can be available to lead roommates.

Don't take on the financial risk of roommates

We can help you attract roommates or you can get your own to fill the home. Each roommate has a separate lease with the homeowner, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Get rewarded for being a great tenant

Paying on time and other actions will be rewarded with valuable points. You can cash those in for great rewards like a month’s free rent, a Nintendo Switch, or other cool merchandise. Build your reputation to open even more opportunities.

What are the responsibilities?

A Lead Roommate is responsible for filling the apartment with roommates (don’t worry, we will help you through the process). They also coordinate with the homeowner and the roommates in the unit.

Everyone should assist with maintenance, keeping the house clean, and paying on time, but ultimately, the Lead Roommate is responsible for making sure everything is working out great.

How it works


Start your profile and enhance your roommate reputation with our easy certification program. You can also provide your knowledge, experience and references.


Stay on our exclusive waiting list, or connect with homeowners to live in the home of your dreams.


Fill the other rooms with other trustworthy roommates and start the lease. Everyone pays separately, so you’re not on the hook.


Continue being a great tenant by paying rent on time and keeping an orderly home. You will get rewards such as a month’s free rent or cool merchandise.


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